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shipping terms


Queen Couture Paris will do the best effort to deliver your order as soon as possible to your address or address which you have choosen. We want to deliver your dresses in 7 days after acceptation of your order or according to the timing list of delivering company. Time of delivery of your order also depends on availability in the store, if items are in the store then you should to receive them in 7 days but if we don’t have them in the store then we will order required items and then deliver to you. All this process shouldn’t be longer than 45 days.  Remember, please, that if your order content more than 1 item, we may deliver it in more than one package. 

Even if we do our best effort to deliver your order in mentioned timings, delivering may takes longer time and it can cause some unexpected event. In another not really expected reason that delivery time will cross limits of 30 days you have right to cancel your order. 

Before confirmation and delivering of your order you will be informed about detail of delivering of your order. In the case that we have your email address, you will receive email acceptation with all expected details of delivery. 

If you won´t receive your order in mentioned time, please, contact us on our email address or telephone number which is mentioned on our website


You can cancel your order only in the case that your order wasn’t forwarded to the shipping company.



As is mentioned above the items are delivered to the delivery address indicated by the Customer in the Order at the latest on the date indicated during the Order and according to the country of delivery. Queen Couture Paris puts forth its best efforts to issue the Order within a maximum lead time of 45 days and undertakes that this delivery will be carried out within 7  business days as of the Order.

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