Everything is designed.
Few things are designed well.


Galal Giani

Queen Couture Paris, is a creation of a Middle East artist who grew up in the Silk Road and Europe,with a strong love for cultures and a passion for fashion he mix the East and West culture to create a unique stylish and luxury designs ,

Simply his creation Queen Couture Paris is a European brand of high end evening dresses, Shops are located in all Europe and sales department in Czech Republic and online based store, we committed to luxury and high quality.

Our design team is multicultural with wide range vision,our goal is to bring an elegant and luxury dress to fulfil self confidence and femininity for every lady to offer beautiful fashion and trends to our loyal customers all over the world ,

we simply fit the desire of Queen inside our clients we take their fashion trends to the next level by creating and bringing to you the best selection of designs each collection.

Our Designers

Our creative Designers team take each collection to the next level by bringing you the seasons best looks each and every time and making it affordable to every woman. promises to be diamond colour, this diamond, pure and clear as rock water, highlighted by mint notes, pink, red and gold. It distinguishes the work of volumes, the asymmetry of bodies,

The mystery of form. Precious fabrics wrap or slip, fluid such as water, to create a sophisticated silhouette, contemporary, feminine imprint, absolute delicacy of sewing details paint this summer scene, wispy as as a dream. We appreciate your love and support as we aim to please and keep you looking the queen.

Dr. Tarek Rashed

Dr. Tarek Rashed is a plastic surgeon with privileges at several prestigious hospitals. He has years of experience in his field, which he gained domestically and abroad. Dr. Rashed worked at a renovated hospital in Milano, Italy. While in Milano, not only did he gain valuable expertise in the field of plastic surgery, but also in the fashion industry. He participated in several highly regarded fashion shows. He is dedicated to the beauty of women,not just from the standpoint of plastic surgery, but ever since young age he has been very interested in fashion.

Dr. Rashed's offers an unparalleled combination of plastic surgery skills, refined aesthetic sense, and attention to detail. For his precision, perseverance, responsibility and refined aesthetic sense, he is a thought-after adviser to his friends and family.

He create a lot of research about about women body and Haute Couture perfect fit After meeting his friend, colleague and well known fashion designer Mr. Giani,

By supporting our brand with his unique research and turned his passion for fashion into a profession.